Injury Prevention

Pre Placement Medical Examinations

A Pre Placement Medical Examination is a comprehensive assessment of a worker’s capacity to perform specific work tasks. It provides a baseline health summary as well as targeted work capacity information to aid in the recruitment decision, thus minimising the risk to employers of engaging staff who are not suited to the demands of the job.

Doctors at OccmedSA have specialist knowledge of work related medicine, as well as a practical understanding of the legal ramifications of employment, injury risk and discrimination. Our Pre Placement Medical Examinations take into account industry statutory requirements and medical standards, in addition to job specific factors.

OccmedSA PrePlacement Medical Examinations have a recognised protocol, including a questionnaire and physical examination with emphasis on:

  • musculoskeletal evaluation

  • grip strength

  • vision (colour, near, far, binocular coordination)

  • cardiovascular (ECG if requested)

  • lung function (computerised spirometry)

  • drug and alcohol screening

  • audiometry

OccmedSA currently undertake Pre Placement Medical Examinations to inform employers in a variety of sectors including:

  • public and private industry

  • mining

  • oil and gas

  • transport, including aviation

  • hospitality and retail

  • construction

  • manufacturing

  • food handling

  • overseas and remote locations

Please talk to us about further tailoring Pre Placement Medical Examinations to your organisation’s requirements.


Periodic Medical Assessment/Review       

Periodic Medical Assessments/Reviews follow a similar format to Pre Placement Medical Examinations and are conducted as regularly as local or statutory requirements dictate.

These assessments provide an ongoing general health summary as well as targeted information in relation to a worker’s capacity to continue undertaking their job tasks, thus enabling employers to be pro-active in minimising the risk of injury to workers and those around them.

OccmedSA perform the following statutory/regulatory medical examinations:

  • TruckSafe

  • Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)

  • Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET)

  • offshore medicals

  • health surveillance (for example, asbestos, lead, noise)

Please talk to us about further tailoring Periodic Medical Assessments/Reviews to your organisation’s requirements.


Onsite Services

Pre Placement Employment Medical Examinations and Periodic Medical Assessments/Reviews can be undertaken onsite. This can facilitate company efficiency as well as enable the assessment doctor to view specific work tasks or worksite areas as required.

Please contact us if you would like further information, or to arrange onsite services at your organisation.